The English Teaching Apprenticeship Programme

What is the ETA?

ETA 2014 Cohort

ETA 2014 Cohort

The English Teaching Apprenticeship Programme developed out of the growing relationship between Universiti Brunei Darusalam (UBD)and the East-West Center (EWC)and is an off-shoot of the Brunei-U.S. English Language Project for ASEAN. The two implementing institutions merged their resources again, creating additional learning opportunities and experiences for young graduates from Brunei. The English Teaching Apprenticeship Program offers a unique opportunity for University graduates from an array of backgrounds to become English Teaching Apprentices where they develop and enhance their preparation as teachers of English. By participating in lectures, seminars, and workshops led by experienced educators and trainers from Universiti Brunei Darussalam and the East-West Center and applying skills to complete specific tasks such as curriculum development, the Apprentices have a chance to engage with and reflect on the role of the teacher in today’s classroom.

This Programme incorporates classroom-embedded training in primary schools in Brunei and Hawai’i, followed by a 10-month mentored teaching placement in a primary school in an ASEAN country. The ETA Programme is a 14-month full-time internship designed to give the Apprentices increased confidence and skills for teaching positions.

NB: The ETA does not replace disciplinary teacher preparation of certification courses.


Why the ETA?

The ETA offers graduates the chance to:
– Undertake authentic, teaching-related tasks which are guided and mentored
– Experience first-hand classroom teaching in three different locations
– Develop their teaching portfolio
– Increase confidence in their teaching abilities


Who can apply?

All interested graduates who fulfill the following prerequisites:
– Brunei Citizens or Permanent Residents
– A Bachelor’s degree in the English medium in any discipline from a recognized university/institution
– Aged 30 and below

In addition, all applicants must meet the following application requirements:
– Strong interest in teaching
– Demonstrates leadership potential
– Displays entrepreneurial mindset
– Strong record of academic achievements and promise


What are the activities in ETA?

1. 12-week training on English language teaching in Brunei and Hawai’i
2. Pre-departure orientation briefing
3. Workshop on entrepreneurship
4. 10-month teaching internship in an ASEAN country
5. Giving-back activities


Current Programme Duration

Programme duration for 2014:
– 12-week training: 1 Sept – 22 Nov 2014
– Teaching assignment: Jan – Oct 2015

Programme duration for 2015:
– 12-week training: Sept – Nov 2015
– Teaching assignment: Jan – Oct 2015


For more information:

Please call (673) 2463001 ext 2706 / 1847
or e-mail:

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