Academic Exchanges’

Academic Exchanges’ Institutions

Over the course of the Brunei-U.S. English Language Enrichment Project, a number of academics from Brunei have had a chance to further their research and studies through Academic Exchanges with Universities in the United States of America.

YearAcademicUBD FacultyPlacement InstitutionDuration
2013Dk. Dr. Noor Hasharina Pg. HassanFaculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS)The East-West Center, Hawai'iMarch- August 2014
2013Pg. Dr. Norhazlin Pg. MohammadSultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Centre of Islamic Studies (SOASCIS)Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.March- May 2014
2013Dr. Quentin Sheok Hoon NamFaculty of Integrated Technology (FIT)Stevens Institute of Technology, New JerseyMarch- December 2014
2014Dr. Hj. Tassim Hj. Abu BakarAcademy of Brunei Studies (APB)Ohio University, Athens; East- West Center, Hawai'iJune 2014- May 2015
2014Dr. Khadizah Hj. Abdul MuminPAPRSB Institute of Health Science (IHS)University of Michigan, School of Nursing, MichiganOctober 2014- September 2015
2014Dr. Mahani binti Hj. Hamdan UBD School of Business (SBE)University of California, Berkeley, San Francisco, CaliforniaJanuary- May 2015
2015Dr. Norhayati binti Hj. AhmadFaculty of Science (FoS)Old Dominion University, VirginiaJuly 2015- February 2016
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