Academic Exchange Testimonials

quentin“Undertaking a visiting research fellow programme in the USA was an eye-opener for me. Having lived a better part of my adult life in Europe, the USA could not have been any more different. The USA presented a lot of differences to a Euro-centric person, especially in terms of its educational system. Stevens Institute of Technology is located on the East Coast of the USA, in New Jersey. The facilities available there are as worthy as those in much more prestigious universities and the academic and support staff were of equal calibre.

The work I participated in at Stevens involved the catalytic conversion of algal oils into diesel and bio-diesel. As a result of my experiences, I feel that I am in a better position to transfer some of the knowledge gained at Stevens to the students at the Faculty of Integrated Technologies at Universiti Brunei Darussalam as well as to further my research career. I am also of the opinion that having experienced life and academia in the USA (albeit only briefly) broadened my horizons especially in terms of research. Additionally, my stay at Stevens has allowed me to establish links between Brunei Darussalam and the USA.”

Quentin Cheok, Ph.D.,

Lecturer,  Faculty of Integrated Technologies (FIT), UBD

Academic Exchange to Stevens Institute of Technology, New Jersey

March -December 2014

Dr. Hasharina 2

“I was one of the few UBD academics who completed their Scholar Exchange Programme directly with East West Center (EWC), Honolulu, under the Academic Exchange Programme through the Brunei-US Project. This programme was beneficial to me as a young academic for self-growth and development

The access to vast and extensive resources in EWC and University of Hawaii (UH) was invaluable. It helped build and broaden my knowledge (concept and theory) on housing and consumption as an Economic and Social Geographer. While in EWC, I completed a paper on Housing and Consumption Culture in Brunei in particular the National Housing Scheme. My theories and concepts were tested in a seminar opened to the staff and students at EWC and UH with positive feedbacks. The second piece written was a draft chapter entitled ‘Everyday Consumption and Finance in Brunei Darussalam’ for a book called Borneo Studies in History, Culture and Society which is currently under review.

The EWC and UH actively practice sharing of information and networking through social gatherings and seminars. I found the information sharing and creation as well as social networking very fruitful. I made good friends from all over the world coming from different academic backgrounds whilst at EWC. Also, I learnt more about Honolulu as an urban landscape through ethnography and have used Honolulu as case studies in my urban lectures in Brunei. I am truly grateful for the opportunity given.       The time spent in the programme was productive.”

Dr. Dk. Noor Hasharina binti Pg Hj Hassan

Lecturer,  Faculty of Arts and Sciences, UBD

Academic Exchange to East- West Center- University of Hawai’i, Hawai’i

March -August 2014


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