11-week Alumna Shares Her New Knowledge

12571234_10204193319472245_2063534729_n  On January 22nd, Brunei-U.S. 11-week English Language Enrichment Programme alumna, Karizza Bravo, led a group of twenty teachers from Mapua Institute of Technology, Philippines in a five-hour workshop on ICT in Education.  The workshop focused on exploring the new technology Ms. Bravo was introduced to during her experience as an 11- week participant.  The participating teachers came from a variety of departments including Humanities, English, Social Science, and Filipino.  Thus, during the workshop, as they were introduced to ICT tools Kahoot quizzes and Photostories digital videos, they each designed their own resources appropriate to their specialty.   Later, they attempted each other’s quizzes and in the afternoon portion of the workshop, watched the newly created videos.  The teachers all agreed that the new ICT tools they learned from the workshop were practical, user-friendly, and fun.  Ms. Bravo is truly grateful to have had the opportunity to not only participate in the Brunei- U.S. 11-week English Language Enrichment Programme, but also share her new knowledge with her colleagues.   She plans to facilitate two more Brunei –U.S. ELEP sharing sessions before the end of the year, focusing on Teaching Methodologies and Materials Design and Development.

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