News Articles on the Forum on English for ASEAN Integration

The 2013 Forum on English for ASEAN Integration just wrapped up, and there have been a number of good news reports written. Here are a few excerpts:

From The Brunei Times:

Dr Salbrina Sharbawi, project executive for the Brunei-US English Language Enrichment Programme for ASEAN and UBD senior lecturer in English language and linguistics, said the forum will provide a better understanding of how English is being strengthened in each of the ASEAN countries.

“There is an intention to produce a book by compiling all the papers and presentations from this forum, which will be disseminated to the ASEAN countries, so (we) will have a better understanding of the policies in terms of English language development and usage in ASEAN,” she told The Brunei Times.

Meanwhile, US Ambassador to Brunei Daniel L Shields said the forum marked a key moment in the Brunei-US English Language Enrichment Programme for ASEAN.


Another article from The Brunei Times said:

The use of the English language will serve to unite all ASEAN member countries as a common working language said the Deputy Minister of Education.

During the opening ceremony of the Forum on English for ASEAN Integration, the Deputy Minister, Dato Seri Setia Hj Yussof Hj Ismail said that the Southeast Asian nations have faced challenges in communication given the rich cultural diversity, distinctive histories and varied geographical landscape and demographics throughout history.

He noted that successful communication is the basis for mutual understanding and ‘finding a common ground to build community’.



The speakers said Asean novices learnt in an Asean context and setting and Brunei is one of the places for the mean of learning English even if Brunei is not ‘native-English speaking’ country but it offers Asian-flavoured English within Asian-context and environment.

English as it is used in most Asian cities, surrounded by Asian languages with its multilingual setting and Brunei is strong in English even if its rooted in Malay language and culture.

Asean people speaking English or ‘Englishes’ that allow a large degree of mutual intelligibility between Asian speakers with their idiosyncrasies and quirks.


Feel free to read the articles in full by clicking on the links provided.


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