English Language Enrichment Project Strengthens Ties Between Brunei, US, and ASEAN

BruDirect recently posted a great article talking about the Brunei English Language Enrichment Project for ASEAN. It’s a very comprehensive and informative write-up. One particularly good quote sums up the main purpose of our Project:

“Contrary to the widespread belief that this programme serves to develop basic English Language skills, the 11-week ELP actually consists of specialised training modules on English for Work that intends to enhance career development. The participants, consisting of English teacher-trainers and government officers and diplomats, will undertake English for Specific Purposes modules tailored to their professional needs, as well as an array of more specialised modules such as Peoples and Cultures of Asean and Regional Issues in Asean which are aimed at raising awareness and nurturing appreciation of cultural diversity within Asean. Given the rising importance of English as the world’s lingua franca, participants are also introduced to the concept of World English for a firmer understanding of how the rapidly chaNging realities of English language use worldwide is giving rise to pluralism, and the importance of embracing the linguistic and cultural diversity in current English language usage.”

[Source: BruDirect]

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