2013 Welcoming dinner

Here is the second cohort of Brunei-US English Language Enrichment Programme (ELEP) participants with the special VIP guests at the 2013 Welcoming Dinner.

From left to right, the front row are:
Yin Yin Myint, Myanmar Ambassador to Brunei and an EWC graduate degree fellow/alumna from 1985-87 (MA political science). 
US Ambassador Daniel Shields.
Dr Azman Ahmad, Acting Vice-Chancellor of UBD.
Dr Salbrina Sharbawi, Project Executive for Brunei-U.S. ELEP, the Director of the Continuing Education Centre, and Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, UBD.
Hj Mahdi, Director of Politics II of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

2013 welcoming dinnerRead all about the 2013 Welcoming dinner in the Brunei papers and see the official picture.




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