11-week ELEP Teacher-Trainer Testimonials

“The program has fortified my belief in “beauty in diversity.”  Despite being from different personal and cultural backgrounds, I have seen that my classmates and I are similar in more ways than one.   We, Southeast Asians, generally share the same values, hopes, fears, and interests to name a few.  Having found common ground, I have realized that we are not different from each other at all.
To say that my almost three months of being with my classmates has been meaningful is an understatement.  I am honored to be part of this wonderful group.”

Karizza Bravo, Philippines

11-week English Language Enrichment Program 2015

Watch a video of Karizza’s 11-week ELEP journey or read more from Karizza on her ICT in ELT blog.

“As far as I am concerned that the Brunei-U.S. English Language Project is the only program that can unite all participants from 10 different countries. This is a place for ASEAN participants to share values, languages, foods, and cultures for maintaining ASEAN unity. What is more, having been able to visit two beautiful countries, Brunei and the U.S. along with this program are among best opportunities and unforgettable experiences in my life.
FurqanBesides, all major covered topics like cross culture understanding, teaching methodology, ICT-Technology usage in Education, and material design are among the most important parts of my concerns from this program. Having been almost 3 months in the program, I have seen some improvement in me in terms of knowledge and skills of English, especially for classroom teaching as I am both a teacher – trainer and a secondary school teacher in Indonesia. I am convinced that I can share the knowledge, skills, and experiences with other teachers when I return.
That is all from me. Thank you for the program and all my ASEAN brothers and sisters! Let’s keep the spirit of “ASEAN Unity”.

Furqan, Indonesia

11-week English Language Enrichment Program 2015

Watch a video of Furqan’s11-week ELEP journey or read more from Furqan on his ICT in ELT blog
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