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11- week ELEP 2015 at UBD

The 11-week ELEP 2015 participants had numerous cultural adventures, as well as intense English language classes and assignments.
Working Visit:  International Convention Center Leadership Course "Who am I?" Group Photo with Tutong Monument Leadership Course Team Building 11-week Classes at UBD Performing Bruneian dance 1 EOD I with Dr. Sharifah Alkaf ETT with Dr.Doris Christopher Longboat ride in Temberong 1 EOD I with Dr. Sharifah Alkaf

11- week ELEP 2015 at EWC

For four weeks, participants studied in the classroom and continued to build relationships as they explored the wonders of Hawai'i.
0 EWC group photo of ELEP 2015 Officers and Diplomats citl3.jpg 0 0 0 0 cofee break.jpg Receiving of Certificates in class1.jpg
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